Weekend Wrap-Up

As the weekends get busy, I typically don’t post here on the blog. But now that the weekend is over, here is the wrap-up.

  • We had a yard sale on Saturday morning. Jennifer was busy all day on Friday getting things together and I was busy carrying and moving “stuff” up to our garage. We made about $200 selling our stuff, but we didn’t get rid of everything that we wanted to. I am not a huge fan of having yard sales. People walk around and look at your stuff and try to act like you have it priced too high. It’s all part of the bargaining game. You have to appear like you are too good to pay $10 for something that originally cost 10 times that. I wish people would just cut the attitude and games and either buy stuff or walk away.
  • Jennifer and I also met with a former student and his fiance who are getting married in a few weeks. I’m helping officiate the wedding so we were working through all the final details. This wedding is extra special to me since I was there when they first met each other. We were on a youth trip to a concert at Carowinds when he saw her sitting in the next section. It took a little bit of encouragement (i.e. questioning his masculinity) before he finally went over and introduced himself. But here we are several years later and they are getting married. Awesome.
  • We continued the One Prayer Series at church on Sunday. I had planned on showing Craig Groeschel’s message on unity, but I changed my mind on Friday and switched to show the message from Greg Surratt at Seacoast about obedience. One of the great strengths of the One Prayer series is the many sermons to choose from. There are so many different teaching styles and we can learn from all of them. If the pastor loves God and loves His people, then we can learn and grow from what they share. The Seacoast message was a great “fit” for our congregation. I have visited there several times on vacation and they have been gracious about answering some of my questions about how they do church. I showed parts of Craig Groeschel’s message during youth on Sunday night and they loved it, but I think for our congregation Greg Surratt’s message was the right choice for this week. I am thankful to Craig Groeschel and the entire staff of Lifechurch.tv for getting this together. It’s been great and it has given me a chance to focus on getting some planning and administrative work done. And have I mentioned that our attendance has been growing during the month of June! Typically June is a down month, so I’m super excited about what God is doing.
  • And finally we had youth last night. We had planned on meeting outside on the Blue Ridge Parkway, but when there is a severe thunderstorm warning, you don’t want to be around me (I’ll have to share my lightening story in a future post). We instead met at the new building downtown. It was the first time in almost a month that I was really able to teach and I loved it. I always love teen’s enthusiasm and their desire to learn and grow. They naturally have questions, so it is so important to create a safe environment for them to seek the truth.


I am a former design engineer who now pastors Cornerstone Community Church in Galax, Virginia. I'm passionate about following Jesus and I love technology. I've been married to Jennifer for 28 years, and we have three adult children.

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