I’m excited about heading up to Northern Virginia next week for the Whiteboard Sessions. It’s a one day church leadership conference. The idea is great, 8 leaders, each given 30 minutes to share one compelling idea about the church. I have read books or listened to sermons from every single speaker, so I’m pretty pumped about getting to learn from them. I’m also getting to join a blogger’s lunch during the break where I finally get to meet several of the bloggers that I have connected with over the internet. Jennifer calls them all my “fake friends”, so this will be good to actually meet them in person so that they aren’t fake anymore. Jennifer is going with me and she even gets to go to a special pastor’s wife luncheon.

It’s going to be a quick trip, we leave late on Wednesday night and will drive until we get there, sleep a few hours, and then head over to the conference. After that we are meeting up with some of Jennifer’s family that live near D.C. On Friday we are heading over to ikea to pick up some furniture for the downtown building at church and then driving back. It’s about 300 miles each way, so we will have a busy week.

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  1. Clayton Bell
    May 16, 2008 at 12:51 pm — Reply

    thanks for coming to our little bloggers’ shindig. See you at lunch!

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