I have a problem when it comes to Christians and the internet. It seems like I am constantly getting email forwards about things that just aren’t true. And unfortunately, most of the time I’m receiving them from uninformed Christians. Please, before you forward something on, check it out to make sure it is true. We have a responsibility as Christians to share truth, and that extends into what we email to others.

We need to use discernment about what we forward to others, especially those outside of the faith. Do we want to be known as people who constantly want to boycott companies and criticize politicians? Why do we expect non-Christian companies to have the same values as Christ-followers?

With the election coming up, I am seeing numerous emails about Barack Obama being a muslim. I don’t agree with much of his political agenda, but it bothers me that Christians are trying to create controversy when there is none. Check out the facts about this urban legend and you will find out about his faith. Whether or not you agree with him, please don’t spread lies and untruths about him. And the same extends to any other person or company you receive an email about.

Check out the wikipedia article on urban legends and then head over to Snopes to find out if those other emails you receive are true or not. Let’s be above reproach in everything we say (even if we say it through email)

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