This week I am preaching on breaking free from addictions. This is definitely a “heavy” topic and one that I don’t take lightly. We tend to think of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and pornography as the big issues that people struggle with. But I want to stretch our people to think of addiction in a broader sense. What can you not do without? If you didn’t have your cell phone, tv, or computer for a week, would you go through withdrawal? What about food? How many times do you hear modern day messages on fasting?

I love how Jesus teaches in Matthew 5. “You have heard it said, … but I tell you” Jesus has a way of reframing how we think about subjects. Addiction is one of the subjects that we need to broaden out, to reframe how we think about it. If we are controlled or mastered by something, then we are addicted to it. What other modern day addictions do we struggle with? Leave a comment if you have any ideas.

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