Post Christmas Update

I’ve haven’t been blogging this week because I really wanted to enjoy Christmas with my family and not get on the computer constantly. I’ve got several topics I want to write about after the first of the year. Here are some random updates about what’s going on in my world.

  • The family is headed over to Pigeon Forge Tennessee on Friday to meet up with some of my Dad’s family. We’ll spend the weekend there so I won’t be at Cornerstone Sunday. I appreciate Galen stepping up to the plate to pinch hit for me. If anyone knows of a good contemporary church in the Pigeon Forge area, please shoot me an email
  • Looking forward tomorrow to catching up with my good friend Lane who’s in town. It’s been too long
  • Luke had to have a x-ray of his foot today. He fell yesterday and hasn’t been able to put much weight on it. The x-ray didn’t show any broken bones, so he should be fine in a couple of days.
  • I’m reading a great book by Craig Groeschel on planning for a marriage called Going All The Way. I plan on using it for some pre-marital counseling. I love doing weddings and I’m already lined up for 3 weddings this summer. Two of them are former youth students of mine. You know you’re getting old when all your old youth have graduated college and are getting married and having kids.
  • We had an awesome Christmas. The grandparents and uncles and aunts got our kids way too much as always. But our kids have had great attitudes so far. Plenty of sharing and not much fussing. I really am blessed with some sweet kids. They must get that from their momma.
  • Jennifer got me a great John MacArthur 4 volume commentary set and told me to order a guitar effects pedal that I have been wanting. I ordered a digitech rp350 pedal and it shipped today. I’m not playing for church or youth right now, but I still love to play. I’m wanting to experiment and record some music, and now I can hook this pedal up to my mac and record straight to GarageBand. It also has xlr outputs so I can hook directly into the soundboard when I do play at church. Music is such a release for me. When I am stressed or just want some time alone with God I will grab my guitar and just play and sing. I’m still not any good, but I am slowly getting better.
  • Speaking of macs, I should get some sort of commission. My brother got an Macbook and a friend got a gorgeous 24″ iMac based on my recommendation.
  • Our kids loaded up on games for the Wii. We’ve got Hannah Montana, Super Mario Galaxy, Backyard Football, and High School Musical. I think I’ll stick with Guitar Hero, although I can do pretty good dancing through the Hannah Montana game.
  • I made a quick iTunes run and picked up the acoustic Village Sessions by John Mayer and an acoustic EP by Mat Kearney.
  • I am excited about what God is doing at Cornerstone. I see some great opportunities ahead to reach our community. I can’t wait to share some of these opportunities after the first of the year.
  • Did I mention that I have the greatest wife ever? Jenni is awesome and she has been superwoman over the holidays. Cooking and wrapping and decorating and being a great wife and mommy at the same time. I don’t know why God stuck her with me, but I’m glad He did!

Sorry for the randomness. I think I will cut it off there. It will still be a little quiet here on FaithEngineer until the new year. We don’t have internet access over the weekend so I won’t be posting. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and I look forward to a great New Year.


I am a former design engineer who now pastors Cornerstone Community Church in Galax, Virginia. I'm passionate about following Jesus and I love technology. I've been married to Jennifer for 28 years, and we have three adult children.

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