We’ve been bouncing around the idea of getting a Nintendo Wii for several months. We thought it would make a great Christmas gift for the kids (and Jenni and I too). But if you’ve tried to find one in stores, you know that it’s not easy. We looked around in Winston and couldn’t find any, so I turned to the internet. I found a cool site called Wii Alerts that will send you an email and text message when any of the major online retailers get them in stock. Typically they are only listed for about 10 minutes on most online stores. I signed up on a Saturday, and the following Monday morning I got a text message that they were available online at Circuit City. Since I already had a gift card from the church for Circuit City, we went ahead and ordered it.

We finally got it yesterday and we stayed up way too late trying it out. My arm is hurting from playing baseball, tennis, bowling, boxing, and golf on Wii Sports. It is really, really cool. Now we just have to decide if we are going to wait until Christmas to give it to the kids. I have a feeling it may be an early Christmas in the Morris home. I just keep thinking how much fun this would be in a youth center. Maybe someone reading this will feel led to donate one to church. I can always hope. We’ve got Wii Sports, Wii Play, and EA Playground, so we have a bunch of games to try out. I’ve grown up with video games, so I know how important it is to set limits and boundaries so our kids don’t become obsessed with games. I even listened to a podcast last week on video game addiction, so I hope I know what we are getting into. And I think I may be asking for a little Guitar Hero this Christmas for myself.

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