I forgot to post about a significant event last month. It was my one year anniversary of blogging. 220 posts in a year. I guess that’s not too bad. I have been surprised how much I have enjoyed writing. It’s definitely been a creative outlet for me. There have been so many times that I wanted to write about something, but just didn’t have the time or energy. Maybe I will get a little better on consistency this year.

So without further introduction… Here are some of my favorite posts from my first year of blogging!!

Why I Named the Site FaithEngineer

Expanding Our Vision
But I Was Safe!
Baptizing My Kids in a Swimming Pool
My New Theme Song
What Happens After Youth Group and College? Part 2
Don’t Try This at Home – A bad experience with Salsa
Living in a Gated Community
Sermon Podcasting Tutorial
Missional Living
The first gunman who terrorized Virginia Tech
The Massacre at Virginia Techpart 2part 3
My Transition from Engineering to Ministry

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