We have been having on again/off again problems with our church website for a while. So our host is making some changes to hopefully solve our intermittent problems. The downside is that our website has been down for a couple of days. We are hoping that it will be back up and running very soon without the problems we have been having over the last few months. It’s been one of those situations where our host is sure that the problem is with our local service provider, the local service provider (embarq) says the problem is with the host, and the real problem might actually be with the previous company who hosted for us.

Technology is a great tool, but we cannot become so accustomed to it that we cannot operate without it. I have been around long enough to see that if anything typically can go wrong with church equipment or websites, that it probably will. It has made me think about developing some contingency plans for what to do when we have tech problems like this. But I still think that Satan lives in cables and processors, just seeing how he can disrupt our church. But it ain’t going to work, because we’re going to keep telling others about Jesus, whether our website is working or not!

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