Summer Challenge

I’m throwing down a summer challenge to all my blog readers. 3 months, 3 chapters a day, and you can have the New Testament read by the end of summer. I have never seen anyone really start growing and getting closer to God without reading their Bibles! I was in college when I first read through the New Testament, and I can honestly say that it changed my entire perspective about my faith in Christ.

If you think of the Bible as a puzzle, then we typically get pieces of the puzzle from church. We can start to see what the puzzle might look like, but we don’t see the entire picture until we put the puzzle together. When we actually read the Bible, instead of just learning stories from it, we start putting all the pieces of the puzzle in their correct places and we get a better understanding of God and His character.

3 Chapters a day is easy. It takes about 15 minutes of your time. What else are you going to do this summer. My youth lessons over the summer will correspond to the reading plan, so be prepared to share what you have learned. Below is a pdf file of a checklist you can use to keep track of what you should read each day.

Here are a few tips:

  • Post the checklist somewhere in your room where it will constantly remind you to read
  • Pick a time each day when you are least busy
  • Pick a consistent place and time and stick with it (early is better, don’t cram it in before you go to bed)
  • Keep a notebook or journal and write down things that confuse you or that you have questions about. And then follow through and ask questions. We’ll set aside time during youth to do just that.
  • Also write things that you need to change in your life. It is important to allow God to speak to us through His Word and allow His Word to change our lives.

Post a comment or shoot me an email if you think you are up for the challenge.

Summer Reading Plan for Cornerstone Youth
(and adults)


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