I was just checking my blog stats on Google Analytics and found that my blog has been viewed literally around the world this year. I started this thing as a way to keep in touch with my family and friends and with the youth at church. I haven’t really publicized it much, and it still doesn’t have many subscribers, but it amazes me how many people stumble upon the site. So far this year I have had 1845 pageviews on the blog. Google has really changed how people use and find information on the web. I have listed all the different countries below from where people have viewed the site.

  • United States (Of Course), Canada, Chile, Venezuela, and Mexico
  • United Kingdom, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, France, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Spain, and Portugal
  • India, Nepal, Japan, Hong Kong, Turkey, Kuwait, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand
  • Ivory Coast, Nigeria, and South Africa

The encouraging thing to me is that we are seeing how God can use the internet and technology to reach people all around the world. I’m excited about coming up with new and innovative ways to use technology to help make disciples of Jesus Christ!

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