We’re all excited because Tuesday morning we fly down to Orlando for the week! This is our first family trip to Disney. The kids are almost 3, 7, & 8, so I think they are at a great age to enjoy some of the Disney magic. I might try to blog and post a few pics of the trip along with the highlights of each day. We are going to the Magic Kingdom for 2 days, SeaWorld, and possibly Epcot or Animal Kingdom. I may be a little prejudiced, but I think we have the best kids in the world. They’re not perfect, but they’re pretty close.

Jennifer and I are going to try to really keep everything from getting too hectic. I know there is so much to do there, but we really want to make sure the kids enjoy the time we have together as a family. I found a good website that has a ton of extra info about Disney. It’s been over 15 years since I have been to Disney and I can’t wait to see all the changes. It’s always exciting to see something new through your child’s eyes. It will be their first time flying, their first time to Florida, and their first time to Disney. Definitely a week of firsts!

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