I finished up the He Came, He Died, He Conquered series at church this weekend. I think it has been a good series for us. I really wanted to emphasis two thing Why He Came, Died, and Conquered, and What that means for us in everyday life. Doing 3 weeks in a row is tough, so I am really looking forward to getting away for the week. The vacation will be great, but I do have a ton of things to do around the house and in the yard when I get back. Everything has stacked up the last few weeks.

Youth was crazy last night. We had a youth praise band practice at 5pm and right when everyone started getting here, it started snowing. HARD. By 6pm, we had over 2 inches of snow and it was still coming down HARD. Crazy weather, but we had a blast. The lesson was about our summer plans. Nothing like talking about sun and fun when it’s snowing outside. They had some good snowball fights too. We have had a really abnormal winter, usually we get quite a few big snows, but this was the first significant snow we have had all winter, in APRIL. Weird. Since I have bought my Subaru Outback, we haven’t had any really bad snows for me to get out and play. I want to do some 4 wheeling in the snow. Now that’s fun!

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