After reading this article, it makes me realize why I hate long meetings so much. I have read several articles lately about brainstorming not being an efficient way to come up with new ideas. These studies show that people working independently can come up with more and better solutions than in a group. For me, there is some truth in that. I tend to get bored and frustrated hearing crazy ideas that are not feasible. I am very task oriented and I feel like I am wasting my time when there isn’t a clearly defined goal to the meeting.

I know that sometimes, people in a group can come up with solutions that individuals would never think of, but the key is to not get too detailed when meeting! Give ideas and then let people think about them and develop the ideas more fully. That is very important for church meetings as well. Most people don’t want to spend all the spare time listening to someone think out loud and ramble through a bunch of ideas that won’t work. You might just be making the attendees dumber.

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