Decemberadio Is For Real

We just got through a busy weekend. Our church hosted the band Decemberadio for our worship service Sunday and for a community concert Sunday night. What can I say. These guys are for real. I knew from their CD that they are incredibly talented musically, but what impressed me is what I kept hearing from everyone that had met them, that they are great Christian guys who are solid in their faith. I got to hang out with them all day and I can’t say enough about the guys. Some bands don’t sound too good live when compared to the CD, but they just rocked it out and sounded great live.

The church service was also great. Not only musically, but by getting to hear from their hearts. They shared about the whole Grammy experience, and shared about what they are learning as musicians and as Christians. Then the concert. I was blown away by the attendance. They packed out the local high school auditorium! Their stage presence was great, and they even threw in some Wayward Son by Kansas and some Lenny Kravitz for us old folks. I had a great time with the guys and I look forward to being able to host them again in the future. If you haven’t listened to their CD yet, then do yourself a favor and pick it up. They have a great old school rock sound with some real in your face Christian lyrics. The teens can’t stop talking about the concert. There is definitely a buzz about the group.

And I just found out today that they were nominated this week for 4 GMA Dove Awards! And that is after just coming back from the Grammy Awards last week!
I’m excited for them and look forward to seeing them on the awards show. I believe that they are definitely on their way to becoming one of the top bands in Christian music. And after spending time with them, I believe they will bring honor to God in everything they do.

  • Song of the Year – Drifter
  • New Artist of the Year
  • Rock Recorded Song of the Year – Dangerous
  • Rock Album of the Year


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