I had a unique experience Sunday night. We were on our way home from the beach when we stopped to eat at our local Mexican restaurant, Tlaquepaque. The food was fast and great as usual, and the salsa was especially good that night. That’s when it happened. I dipped my chip and scooped up a huge amount of salsa. When I bit the chip, it exploded and flipped up and did a somersault. I still don’t know exactly how it happened, and I really would like to see a super slo-mo, but the chip & salsa flew into my eye. Do you know how intense the sensation is of jalapeno peppers in your eye. After I realized what had just happened, I made it to the bathroom where I had to trash my contact. It was actually red from the salsa. I washed my eye out and managed to make it through the rest of my meal. The whole time my kids were cracking up laughing at me.

Sometimes, you have to take a step back and laugh at yourself. Salsa in my eye was definitely a first, and hopefully it will be the last.

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