Last Night’s Youth Meeting

I’ll borrow Kurt Johnston’s rating system for our youth meeting last night.

Attendance: Above Average
Lesson Topic: What’s Your Story
‘Fun Factor’: Average
Music: None
Lesson Quality: Above Average
Length of Lesson: around 30 minutes
Student Response: Above Average

Last night was one of those meetings where you really see God at work. Since we’re heading to the dare2share conference this week, we have been spending the last couple of meetings talking about sharing your faith in Christ. I really want to emphasize the fact that sharing is not just a one-sided conversation. It also involves listening and adapting to connect with who you are talking to. Far too many evangelism strategies come across as a canned sales pitch instead of genuine concern for the person. Anyway I had them write some keywords down on an index card to get them thinking about their life before Christ, how they came to Christ, and how they have changed since accepting Christ. Several of them shared “their story” and it was encouraging to see them really put their faith into words. I used a couple of skit guys videos on dvd to help emphasize the importance of talking to your friends. And one student was able to share with the group how he didn’t grow up in church, then struggled with his father being killed in an industrial accident, but then came to Christ as a result of a friend inviting him to a Christian youth conference. Powerful stuff. When we open up our lives and become vulnerable by sharing our own story, people are drawn in.

And finally, you should have seen the look on Zach and Austin’s face when I caught them in the yard putting police tape around my driveway and mailbox and sticking forks in the yard later Sunday night after the meeting.

  • Plastic Spoons and Forks – $3
  • A Container of Vaseline (don’t ask) – $3
  • Police Tape – $2
  • The look on their face, not knowing how their youth leader would respond and get them back, Priceless


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