Check out the new ipods at Apple’s website. A 30gig and 80gig video ipod and new nanos in different colors with 2,4, and 8 gig models. I was hoping for video playback in the nanos, but we just got pretty colors in an aluminum case with longer battery life.

Itunes received some new stuff as well. Most notably movies, in 640×480 resolution. And is anyone else happy that Itunes 7 finally downloads album art to files that you rip. Even Windows Media Player has done that for years! I like the look of the new Itunes as well.

And finally iTV, a cheap way to hook up all your pictures, movies, and music to your home theater. I need to read up on it a little, it looks like people will be disappointed if all the downloaded movies max out at 640 x 480 resolution. That’s lower than dvd’s. Anyway, cool stuff as always.

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