I don’t know how it happened this week. But I’ve got a new name. You see, back when Emma was little she used to call me “Big Strong Daddy”. That was the type of name to make a dad proud. If I were a superhero I would want to be called Big Strong Daddy, or MuscleMan or Dynamic Daring Dad, or something really macho. But today, I have been newly named. Drew, in his 2 year old wisdom has started calling me … Now get this … “Waffle Man”

It actually sounds like “ackball man” but that’s how he says waffle. So … I guess I’m able to eat huge amounts of waffles and syrup in a single meal. Not exactly my idea of a super hero. But to be fair, I do have a family tradition of waking up every Saturday morning and making waffles with the kids. We usually add chocolate chips, pecans, blueberries or anything else we can find in the pantry. So if Drew thinks of his daddy as the “Waffle Man” I guess that’s okay by me. He has been calling me that all week and it’s been fun. He’s just so darn cute when he says it.

We just figured out why he is calling me Waffle Man. While we have been at the beach, I have been wearing a baseball hat all the time. The only other time he is used to seeing me wear a hat is … Saturday morning. So the 2-year old association is daddy only wears a hat while making waffles, therefore since I am wearing a hat at the beach, I’m “Waffle Man”
It’s amazing how the mind of a 2-year old works.

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  1. Travis
    September 7, 2006 at 9:01 am — Reply

    ackball, hmmm. kinda reminds me of ack ack, from Mars Attacks!

    good job on the blog, you are very prolific. Good writing on the church land as well.

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