This is from a while back, but it is interesting to watch. Ron Luce is the founder of Acquire The Fire and the BattleCry Conferences for Christian teens. In this video, a very liberal feminist tells why Christians are bigots and fascists. What I really got out of this clip is how we are not reaching the postmodern world. I really feel sorry for someone who is that bitter and is going through life without hope. How as churches are we really trying to reach people who have not grown up in church? Do we get too comfortable in the box of the local church and forget that there are real people with real hurts who would never step foot in a church. Her view of Christian beliefs is sad. The only thing she sees in Christians is condemnation. I am not a real big fan of Acquire the Fire, but I respect the way Ron Luce handles himself and avoids any personal attacks. Check it out

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