Rockin’ Youth

Just got done with a youth praise band practice. Everyone rocked it out tonight. My neighbors probably were wondering what the heck was going on in my basement. Luke was jammin on the drums, Faith was strummin the acoustic, and I was joining in on the electric. We worked up two songs, Grace like Rain by Todd Agnew and Majestic by Lincoln Brewster. We’ve got some pretty good singers in the group as well.

Everything seems to be coming together for the Youth Rally this weekend. As of right now, we have 11 different youth groups planning on performing and more showing up to watch. Hopefully this will help the different area churches come together and plan some outreach events. In a small town like ours, we have to consolidate our efforts and quit competing against each other! It seems like small churches are the worst at feeling like everything is a competition. So many times, pastors are afraid that another church is trying to steal members away. We need to focus on reaching those who don’t go to church, and come together in order to reach more people.

We also have the opportunity as the youth praise band to lead the worship service in a couple of weeks. That will definitely be interesting. I’ll let you know how it turns out


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