I went running today to calibrate my new Nike+ ipod Sensor. Since I didn’t buy the Nike shoes with the built in sensor hole, I had to rig up a way to hold the sensor on my shoelaces. I ordered a cool Velcro/nylon pouch from Marware, but while I am waiting, I had to rig up my own. It consisted of a Velcro cord wrap and a few nylon cable ties. Believe or not, it actually worked! I ran through my usual running trail and when I got to the one mile mark, my ipod showed that I had run 0.97 miles. I can live with 97% accuracy. It should be even closer the next time I run since I calibrated it to my running style. It even has the sultry female voice come on and tell you how fast you are running and how far you have been. This might actually encourage me to get back in shape. It’s been 15 years (and about 60 pounds) since I used to run 50 miles a week. I’m hurting all over right now, and I only went 2 miles. Sometimes, it sucks to get old.
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