New Microsoft Windows Live Writer

For all you computer guys & gals, I’m trying out the beta of the new Windows Live Writer. It’s a new editor that allows you to post to your blog with more formatting options. So far so good. It even has a better spell checker. Wasn’t it ironic that blogger always flagged the word blog as being misspelled. The Microsoft editor is also WYSIWYG, which means the blog entry in the editor should look just like the post on the blog. I’ll try it out for a while and see how it works.

I also noticed that blogger has a new beta available. Unfortunately, you can’t switch your current blogs over to it yet. The coolest new feature is tags so you can categorize your posts. I’m already trying out a ton of different Google betas like Notebook, Spreadsheet, Picasa Web Albums, and Calendar. I guess you can tell, that I like trying out new technology. Part of my engineering job is trying out and testing the new ServicePacks and beta of the 3d Design Solidworks.

Update: Now since I have started using the new Beta of Blogger, the Live Writer will no longer work. But at least the new beta has a decent spell checker.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    what language was that in – I guess I don’t speak computer nerd

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