I had an interesting misunderstanding while ordering at Arby’s this weekend. We just had a new Arby’s open up, so Jennifer and I headed out on a hot date to check it out (without the kids I might add). I guess you can tell there’s not much to do around here. Well I ordered a Chicken Bacon Swiss and the lady asked me “Grilled, Honey, or Crispy?” Well I didn’t know that had it any way other than fried, so I asked “What is Honey?” She then proceeded to tell me Grilled or Crispy. I said Crispy and went on. While this was going on, my wife was about to laugh herself silly. Since I was kind of agitated that it took forever to get my order in, I didn’t even realize what she was saying. She was calling me “honey” Oh well, I guess I looked like a “honey” Anyway, that’s why I love the South.

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  1. Josh Sexton\
    August 22, 2006 at 10:46 am — Reply

    Love the deal Honey

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