… was the title of my message in church yesterday. I shared the trap that so many churches fall into of focusing inwardly and losing their passion to serve outside the 4 walls of the church. I was in Acts chapter 1 for the third straight message. Acts 1:8 is a great verse to look at whenever we study methodology. Not only do we serve locally, regionally, and nationally, but we also have an obligation to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth. The focus on missions was intentional, since we have a group from our church in Costa Rica right now, and our youth are serving in our own backyard this week.

In preparing for my message I started thinking about some of the youth that we have taken on Mission Trips. These trips were only a week long and fairly close by in North & South Carolina, but they had a powerful impact on many of the youth who went. Since those trips, they have had the opportunities to go to Mozambique, South Africa, Brazil, Poland, China, Venezuela, New York City, Atlanta, an even Hawaii(indirectly, but we claim Priscila as one of us now). It’s pretty encouraging to think that a small mountain city is making a difference around the world.

Note to self: Don’t get depressed or frustrated when it seems the youth aren’t listening!

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