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Let me introduce you to a great new service. Most churches do not have a full-time graphic designer on staff. For our church, this means that as pastor, I spend time on creating graphics for new sermon series and events. There are a few sites that provide sermon graphics, but

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Book and Music Reviews

From the beginning, Cornerstone has been blessed with a number of talented young musicians. Earlier this year, several of our youth won a local competition and were blessed with 30 hours of recording studio time with the Audio Lab run by Brett Sexton here in Galax. They have just finished up

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Technology This is a great article. I’ve struggled with the same problem. Facebook really isn’t effective for a church now unless you are willing to pay. This quote should make you think. From the article .. Facebook without payment is like a trial version with 15 percent functionality.  

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  Two years ago, I switched from the android world to Apple when the iPhone 5 came out.  I liked the power of android phones and the ability to customize, but I got tired of having to root my phone just to get updates that the manufacturer refused to release.

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I shared last month about the Shift Media Creator App. It’s a great way to create graphics for your church. I wanted to share with you another video showing you practical ways you can use it to create announcement graphics for your church with your phone. Just snap a picture, add effects

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The past three weeks have been incredible. It’s amazing how clearly I start thinking when I actually slow down. The image above is our view each night at sunset, so it has been easy to relax and soak in the beauty of God’s creation. The first week, we spent most

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