This is a video of a Christmas poem written by John Piper. It is a story of what could have happened with the Innkeeper and his family. It is a powerful story of hope in the midst of sorrow and pain. The book is available from Amazon, or a free PDF file can be downloaded from the Desiring God website. My prayer is that you have a blessed Christmas. Remember that in Christ, you will reign forevermore.

Only two weeks from his crucifixion, Jesus has stopped in Bethlehem. He has returned to visit someone important—the innkeeper who made a place for Mary and Joseph the night he was born. But His greater purpose in coming is to pay a debt. What did it cost to house the Son of God?

Many are searching for meaning, truth, and hope, but we live in a distorted and broken world. The hope we need can only be found in Jesus Christ. He wants to know you and be known by you, to love you and be loved by you. Your search is over. Watch this video to find out more.

The Cornerstone App

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Cornerstone App Logoqrcode-cornerstoneWe have officially launched a new mobile app for Cornerstone. With the rising use of smartphones and mobile devices, we felt this was a great way to keep people connected with the ministry of our church. The app has current news, sermon audio and video, facebook and twitter integration, a map of the church, our service times, online giving, sermon notes for the current week’s message, an online church directory (coming soon), and more. To download the app, visit our app page, scan the QR code attached, or search on iTunes or Google Play for Cornerstone Galax.

Now for the interesting part, I did the app myself. Instead of using a company to create the app for us, I used an online app creator to build the app using the information we already had available online. By cutting out the middle man, I was able to save significant money and create an app that really stays true to the vision and mission of our church.


The best part, the standard cost is only $29 per month. If you want to find out more about the creation process, continue reading after the break.

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Gear Update: AppleTV

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I wanted to share the latest piece of gear that I have picked up for our church. Last week, I bought an AppleTV. This is a tiny little box that hooks directly to a TV or projector via a HDMI cable. It allows you to stream media from an iPod, iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer, and it is simple to setup and use. Here are a few things we plan on using it for.

  1. DIgital Signage - This is a great device to run digital signage. I needed something to run a TV that we can place in the front window of our church. You can either stream photos from a flickr account or send a movie file to the device. I made a presentation using Apple Keynote using both slides, animations, and videos, and then exported the presentation as a quicktime movie file. I added the movie file to an iTunes playlist, and then just set the Apple TV to loop the playlist. It’s a simple, quick, and inexpensive way to run digital signage without an additional computer.
  2. Movies – AppleTV supports iTunes movie rentals, Hulu, and Netflix, all straight from the device for your next youth or children’s movie night.
  3. Music - If you have iTunes Match, your entire music library is available from the cloud. If you have computers on the same network, you can access all of their music using Home Sharing. You could also stream music from your iOS device using Pandora or Spotify.
  4. Small Group Videos – We have a subscription to Rightnow Media, and with the AppleTV, we can play all of our small group videos directly from an iPod, iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer and use Airplay to wirelessly send video to the TV or Projector.
  5. Games and Live Video – The AppleTV gives you the ability to mirror the display on your iPod, iPhone, or iPad. So imagine an Angry Birds tournament shown on the big screen, or even switch to the camera app and show live video on the screen from your iPhone. You could show your YouVersion or Glo app on the screen and let students or adults follow along as you read the Bible. And you now have a digital whiteboard that can be shown straight from an iPad screen.

All of this is for under $100. You can even pick up a refurbished model from Apple for under $90. For that amount of money, this is a good investment for any church. After using it for a few days, I plan on getting one for home as well. It really works great. Click the picture below for more info on how the AppleTV works.

apple appletv12 rear lg

WHM Christmas 12DaysHeader

If you use video clips during church, you’ll want to take advantage of this offer from WorshipHouseMedia. Each year, they offer some of their best stuff for free during Christmas. You’ll want to check the site to see what they make available each day. You have to get it on that day, but it’s worth your time and effort. Check it out at

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I just returned from a mission trip to New Jersey. Cornerstone sent a team of 24 people to help with relief work for the Hurricane Sandy victims.  We had an incredible week, so I wanted to share what I’m thankful for.

  • I’m thankful for a team of Christ-followers who were willing to sacrifice their Thanksgiving break to travel to New Jersey to serve those in need.
  • I’m thankful for my wife doing an awesome job of organizing the trip through many emails, phone calls, and last minute changes.
  • I’m thankful that the church can come together as the Body of Christ. We stayed with host families from Fellowship Bible Church in New Jersey, and they showed amazing hospitality and grace towards our southern crew.
  • I’m thankful that families were able to serve together, and I’m thankful that all three of my children were there serving. The younger children from our team stayed with several of the moms and served at the church sorting and organizing hurricane relief supplies that were donated. Our older youth worked with the rest of the adults to serve on the coast cleaning out damaged houses.
  • I’m thankful for the great work that Samaritan’s Purse is doing around the world. We were able to work with them and I came away impressed by their leadership and by their organization. I’m looking forward to serving more with them in the future.
  • I’m thankful for leaders at Cornerstone who were able to step up and serve while I was gone. I’m especially thankful for the great message that Travis shared, and for his love and ministry to a hurting family in their time of need.
  • I’m thankful that our family was able to spend time together touring Philadelphia, the Pennsylvania Amish Countryside, Hershey’s, and Gettysburg on our trip home. I love making memories with my children.
  • I’m also thankful to be home after a long week. I’m encouraged by the friendships formed during our trip, and I’m thankful to be home once again in the land of sweet tea!

Here are some pics from our trip.

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I wanted to introduce you to one of my site sponsors this month. Lightstock is a new stock photography website devoted to Christian images. I’ve tried out many different stock photography sites, and I’ve had trouble finding images that work well with church websites and print material. Lightstock looks very promising because of the quality of the images. As I browsed through their collections, I found several great pictures on baptism, on prayer, and on Bible study.

These aren’t free images, but they are affordable. The site works similar to other stock photography sites. You buy credits, and then you select and purchase photos. Photos are available at multiple resolutions, and the higher-res option require more credits. They have the photos sorted by collections, and you can even request a picture if you are looking for something specific.

I like using real images from our church for our website, but these are really great quality. I’m already thinking about how these can be used. It’s always great when people see a need and meet that need. Here are some sample images. Check them out at

lightstock library image 223cebf7dac66690f4b76075a06ebbbc

hurricane sandy

We’ve had a lot of people ask how they can help the victims of the recent superstorm in the Northeast. At Cornerstone, we are currently collecting supplies that will be driven up to the New Jersey area on Thursday for distribution to hurricane victims

We are loading our church trailer and taking the supplies Roanoke on Wednesday Night to help Because We Care Ministries fill up a larger tractor and trailer which was donated by FedEx. We are also planning several trips over the next few weeks and months, so please let me know if you are interested in helping. Here is the information for our current collection.

Drop off times at Cornerstone Community Church, 227 South Main Street in Downtown Galax

  • Tuesday ( Nov. 13th ) – 10am – 4pm and 7pm-8:30pm
  • Wednesday (Nov. 14th) – 8:30am – 3pm and 5pm-6pm

Items that are needed:

  • New or gently used clothes
  • Coats
  • Socks
  • Blankets and Linens (sheets, towels, etc) Diapers and Wipes
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Bottled Water and Non Perishable Food

If you need more information, contact Jennifer Morris at 233-2567

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